Once in a Lifetime

Exotic Flower Bath

Exotic Flower baths are happiness, we made a new admiration to the attention to detail and artistic talent to to creating flower baths experience. dip into a colorful flower bath that will shooting your mind and flower bath could dispel bad luck and as part of spiritual cleansing of negative energies. This perfect way to unwind and relax at Radha spa by the greenery river valley view

Romantic Floating Breakfast in Your Private Pool Villa

Perfect morning be like with a romantic floating breakfast with selection of chef’s delicacies to start your day.

Exotic Floating Breakfast in Main Pool

A day in paradise should be spend by the pool with a exotic floting breakfast by the infinity pool and greenery valley view.

Intimate Romance Candlelight Diner by The River

Cupid has been shooting arrows to ignite the flames of love between you and your loved one. Savor its magic with this Intimate Romance Candlelight Diner. Let the romance sparks in the most exclusive resort of Balinese hospitality where the first most important hallmarks of your intimate moment began

Exotic Romance Candlelight Dinner at Ladhu Jetty

Declare your devotion over a romantic dinner for two “Exotic Romance Candlelight Dinner” greet by the evening and the sunset as a witness.

Signature Radha Exotic Package

A Signature Radha Exotic Package to offer you a memorable experience of a body and mind rejuvenation ritual. Each treatment is chosen thoughtfully which provides continuum relaxation from one treatment to another.